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Status of its-electric: My TED5000 seems to have a hardware issue and as of April 2017 I am no longer collecting data. However, I am still happy to answer questions about its-electric and make software changes as requested.

Want your own? Download it's electric then check out the Quick Start Guide!

Our electric usage: This graph shows the electric usage of Hypatia House, a home in suburban Charlottesville VA shared by the Tupelo-Schneck family and the Downey/Rohdie family (of Carpe Donut fame). You can zoom in, and the graph will automatically reload at a higher resolution; you may have to be patient since we're serving this from home. The lines correspond to two different electric panels in the house. MTU1 and MTU2 are most of the two panels; MTU3 and MTU4 are an air conditioner and a heat pump.

The software: The data comes from a TED 5000 home energy monitoring system, and is presented using Robert's it's electric software. it's electric runs on the home network, polling the TED 5000 for second-by-second data and storing it in a database, along with averages over longer time spans; it runs a server which provides the data according to the Google Visualization API; and it includes this webpage to display the data interactively at various levels of resolution. it's electric should also work with the TED Pro or the Current Cost.

Run your own: Anyone with a TED 5000, TED Pro, or Current Cost who can run Java and a web server can download it's electric and use it to store and view their own energy data, either for personal use or to share over the Web. You can find an installation guide (and links to installation advice from various users) here.

Discussion group: I have created a Google Group its-electric-software for discussion, submission of bug reports and feature requests, publicizing your own it's electric sites, etc.

Developers wanted: I have created an it's electric project at GitHub and would be delighted to have contributions from other developers.

An amusing and relevant XKCD comic.

it's electric: software for storing and viewing home energy monitoring data
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