Custom Tree Models for LablGTK

EVEN NEWER:I believe they incorporated this into the base distribution of LablGTK, and probably improved it, though I've never tried it myself.

NEW: fixed an inexplicable packaging bug where the Makefile didn't actually work.

I have developed some code to make it relatively easy to develop custom tree models using LablGTK (GTK+ 2.0 in OCaml).

This means that you can have a tree structure coded naturally in OCaml and treat it more or less directly as a tree model, instead of having to shove values into a GTree.tree_store. There are some caveats as described in the README file. I also include a full working example based on this example in Tim-Philipp Mueller's GTK+ 2.0 Tree View Tutorial (which was written for C).

This code is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.

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Last updated 2009-10-27.

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