Tupelo-Schneck Wedding, Saturday the 6th of October 2007

(photo) Your presence in our lives and on the occasion of our wedding is a beautiful gift to us that brings us much joy, and for those seeking other gift ideas, here are a few:

Smallish pieces of beautiful cloth (especially batik) for a patchwork wedding quilt that Thea is making, picture frames with you in them, exotic foodstuffs from faraway lands, divination tools, a pretty stone from your land, a book you love, a celestial globe, pixie dust, really great children's books, an oil lamp, chocolate in all her forms, bottled juices, a lock of your hair, pottery, beeswax candles, a piece of your art, tales from your travels, glass lanterns, baubles and trinkets of all ilk, tickets to the theatre, fairy wings, fun board games, poetry, songs, kisses, and a pony (just kidding!)

Last updated 2007-08-12.