Tupelo-Schneck Wedding, Saturday the 6th of October 2007

(photo)Promethea Tupelo and Robert Schneck are getting married!

The wedding will be at 2:00 pm on the 6th of October, 2007, at the Yanceyville Church in Louisa, Virginia.

What to wear: We would like the fey, sprites, and other spirits of the land to feel welcome at this celebration (not to mention the native hippies!), and we invite you to wear your most fanciful and fun attire---bring your bells, your glitter, your wings. And by all means, if you enjoy dressing stodgily, do! The reception (including dinner) will take place out-of-doors, weather permitting, so dress warmly.

Reception to follow at our home of Twin Oaks Community.

(Tentative) Event Schedule

We plan to have Dances of Universal Peace on the Kaweah lawn from 10 to 11:30. We'll have some light lunch available at the community and there will be time for people to go out or just relax until the ceremony at 2:00. (We plan to walk to the church beforehand, weather permitting.) After the wedding we'll come back to the Kaweah lawn for gathering and relaxing, dinner at 5:00, and ending with klezmer music and dancing with our very own Vulgar Bulgars.

We encourage you to stay for a few days around the time of the wedding---we have the Twin Oaks visitor cabin reserved from Friday October 5th until Wednesday October 10th, and would love to have it filled with family and friends!

Last updated 2007-08-12.